The Curtis Family

A last-minute visit made a lasting impression

Curtis family

From left: The Deacon, Matthew Curtis ('11), Evelyn Curtis, David Curtis

The Curtis family’s relationship with Wake Forest began four days before their son, Matthew, planned to accept a full scholarship to the University of Alabama. Matthew heard about Wake Forest University from a fellow classmate and from a family friend. The Curtis family made the drive to Winston-Salem and after less than an hour on campus they were convinced that this was the right place for their son. “We went to a presentation at the admissions office, toured campus, and after only 45 minutes we had no doubt in our minds that this was where Matthew would want to go. The campus was so nice and the people we met were dynamite. We told Matthew that the most important thing was for him to get a good education, regardless of cost. He said that there was no doubt in his mind either that he wanted to go to Wake Forest.”

David and Evelyn have embraced their roles as Wake Forest parents by serving as members of the Executive Committee of the Parents’ Council. As Parents’ Council members, they reach out to other Wake Forest parents to keep them connected to the University. They have enjoyed their tenure on the Parents’ Council because they feel that the opportunity has allowed them to give informed answers to the questions of current and prospective Wake Forest parents. “It is nice to be in a position to understand what is happening at the University.”

They are thankful for both the education and the experience Matthew is gaining at Wake Forest. “The University is a great match for Matthew, a real blessing for him,” says David. They feel that the University is also a great match for their family. “This has been a wonderful opportunity for us as a family. We are so gung-ho Wake Forest it isn’t funny. It is almost like I am back in school again. I have football season tickets. The school is a part of us,” says David.

To show their appreciation for what Wake Forest has given their son, the Curtis family decided to support the University through annual giving. “Giving annually is a way that I can tangibly say thank you for providing my child with this opportunity. I know that it will also help others who may not be as fortunate as Matthew. The nice thing about unrestricted giving is that it can go beyond Matthew to help others. It is a struggle for everyone right now, but we still believe that it is very important that students have an opportunity for quality education.”

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