Mike Furr, Associate Professor of Psychology

Mike FurrAssociate professor of psychology Mike Furr studies personality and teaches undergraduate courses on personality, psychological testing and methods of psychological research; he also teaches graduate courses in univariate and multivariate statistics.

As a professor, he has seen firsthand the impact philanthropy can have on student research programs that challenge students to explore questions deeply and to think about their own responsibility for making the world better.

Committed to providing more than a classroom education for Wake Forest’s undergraduates, he believes that they deserve opportunities to explore their interests in research and can gain valuable experience that will make them successful in graduate and professional schools and in the workplace.

“Our curriculum strongly emphasizes research skills, and we encourage students to take advantage of research opportunities. It’s nice when students are able to work with professors who share their interests, and those who do have a huge advantage in terms of “hands-on” learning of important skills and getting into graduate school. Our undergraduate students who want to go to grad school have had great success in getting accepted and performing very successfully.”

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