Azaria Tesfa (JD ’10)

Azaria Tesfa Azaria Tesfa attends the Wake Forest University School of Law and hopes to give future students the same opportunity he has been given. After graduating from Cornell University with a double major in government and sociology, Azaria visited Wake Forest and knew he would love it from the moment he stepped foot on the campus. He made the decision to enroll in the law school before he knew how he would be able to pay his tuition.

A few days before classes started, Azaria received a notice that he was awarded two scholarships that would cover half of his tuition for all three years of law school. With this opportunity, Azaria can, “start thinking about employment options that would not otherwise be possible with thousands of student loans.” To Azaria, “giving back is like being a member of a sports team. When you first begin, you are mentored by the older players. Once you become an older player, you have the same chance to mentor others and give them the same opportunities you had.”

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